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Ukraine, 01015, Kyiv, Leptsyzska str., 15.
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Corporate Communications Directorate

+38 (044) 390-74-02
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The company is 100% onwed by SCM.

Corum Group is a heavy engineering arm of System Capital Management financial and industrial group. The following companies operate under Corum's umbrella: plants in Kharkiv, Druzhkivka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhtspetsstroy, Corum Source and Corum Repair service companies, as well as trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Poland. 

Corum Group is one of the biggest suppliers of turnkey solutions and complex equipment in mining. Following modern global business models, the company offers its clients the efficient, effective and safe integrated solutions from the technology development to equipment manufacture and service:

Corum's customer base includes the biggest mining companies from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and far abroad.

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Last updated: 03.07.2018