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SCM Leads Corporate Social Responsibility in Ukraine (UKRAINIAN NATIONAL RATING "GVARDIYA")


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For the third consecutive time SCM has taken the first place in rating "GVardiya (Guard) of Socially Responsible Companies" developed by the national rating magazine "Gvardiya".


"In the challenging economic conditions of 2009 our main focus in CSR was on our employees - we did everything to retain jobs, ensure social guarantees for our employees and stability in the regions of SCM Group's operation", said Jock Mendoza-Wilson, SCM Director of International and Investor Relations. "In addition, we continued with other CSR objectives, such as improving health and safety performance, maintaining our environmental performance and investing in social and economic development of Ukraine".

The annual rating "GVardiya of Socially Responsible Companies" (first published in 2008) comes from an analysis of the questionnaires, public social reports and assessments of independent experts that are members of the expert board. The rating focused on the level of information openness as well as concrete actions of companies in CSR - interaction with all stakeholders.

"CSR is a part of our business strategy necessary to improve business efficiency in the long term. We aremuch inspired by the high appraisal of our work in corporate responsibility by the media and professionals. Such ratings prove that we are moving in the right direction and the results of our work are essential and useful", added Mr Jock Mendoza Wilson.




SCM is a professional investor that owns and controls assets in mining and metals, energy-generation, telecommunications, banking, insurance, media as well as in retail and real estate.

SCM Group includes Metinvest Holding, DTEK, VegaTelecom Group, Segodnya Multimedia, TRK Ukraina, ESTA Holding, Ukrainskiy Retail and others.

SCM is 100% owned by Ukrainian businessman, Rinat Akhmetov.

Ukrainian national rating programme "Gvardiya" (Guard) is made by Ukrainian Rating Agency and Galitskiye Kontrakty Publishing House. Gvardiya's projects have been published since May 2004. Rating results are audited by external parties.

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