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Digital transformation: Metinvest creates an IT company


Metinvest Group continues fundamental transformation of its IT function. Metinvest Digital, LLC was established in September 2018. This IT firm will focus on the best digital business practices.

Metinvest Digital will deliver the whole set of IT tasks for Metinvest Group and will work on the service improvement. Project capabilities will be enhanced – it is planned to build the expertise in new digital solutions and accelerate project launches.

Sergey Detyuk, Metinvest Group's CIO is appointed General Director of the new company (on a concurrent basis).

All IT staff will be transferred to Metinvest Digital by the end of the year – already from January 2019, everyone will be employed by the new company. No jobs and social benefits will be affected.

Sergey Detyuk, Chief Information Officer of Metinvest Group:

"Our task is to find opportunities in the digital market that are best fit for our business, and on their basis implement projects and create IT-services capable to support Metinvest Group's development. Digital  technologies are one of key elements for the business transformation. On this journey, both understanding and willingness of the business to change, and the capability to realize non-standard projects effectively have similar importance. Establishment of Metinvest Digital is not just about allocating IT in a separate legal entity. We set the task for ourselves to build such collaborative culture and work environment in the company that will inspire and motivate our IT-professionals to create and implement the best digital solutions for Metinvest Group, and for external market – in the future."

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