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Corum Group and Donetskstal make strategic alliance


Corum Group

Corum Group and Donetskstal, one of the biggest producers of coking coal, have entered into a strategic partnership agreement for three years. The long-term relationship will make a positive contribution to the business efficiency of both companies. 

"The cooperation of Corum Group and Donetskstal Group in the alliance takes the 20-year productive relationship of our companies to a new level. The strategic partnership involves a deep integration with the client's business by analysing client needs and offering bespoke technical solutions to achieve targets," Mykhailo Potapov, acting CEO of Corum Group, commented on the agreement.

In the course of negotiations, the parties have established three goals of the strategic alliance:

- increasing efficiency of coal production by partner companies through higher reliability and capacity of equipment manufactured by Corum Group for Donetskstal;

- producing new machinery and tailoring serial products to partner's needs, expanding lines of spare parts and services;

- ensuring quality after-sales service by developing Corum Group's maintenance and service units. 

“Better coal production efficiency, new equipment, and increased reliability and productivity of equipment are the hallmarks of success for us," said Oleksiy Klimashevsky, Commercial Director of Donetskstal Group.

“The strategic alliance streamlines the procurement of mining equipment for Donetskstal Group and makes the price setting process transparent to both parties,” noted Oleg Nesterenko, Director of Corum Trading. "For Corum Group, the strategic agreement guarantees a certain amount of orders of equipment and spare parts and ensures the development of after-sales service," he went on to say.

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