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Developing and upgrading: DTEK Energy invested UAH 3.3bn in H1 2018


Логотип ДТЭК

DTEK Energy invested UAH 3.3bn in January-June 2018 to upgrade and develop its businesses. This enables the company to modernise its facilities for operating efficiently in the new electricity market and ensure the energy security of Ukraine.

DTEK Energy’s key objective in the coal business segment for 2018 is to invest in ramping up the production of thermal coal. Increased domestic coal output will help achieve the country’s strategic goal of reducing Ukraine’s dependence on imported fuel.

To this end, the company commissioned 17 longwalls at its mines over six months and plans to launch other 14 longwalls by the end of 2018 to produce 24.6 million tonnes of thermal coal this year. In H1 2018, DTEK Pavlogradvuhillia, DTEK Dobropilliavuhillia and Bilozerska Mine extracted 11.4 million tonnes of coal.

In the power generation sector, the company continues implementing projects to reconstruct power units at TPPs and completes preparing them to meet high capacity loads during the heating period. In July-December, DTEK Energy is going to complete 14 scheduled repairs as well as undertake and complete 21 scheduled repairs of power units at TPPs. 

In addition, the company plans to complete the switch of two other power units at DTEK Prydniprovska TPP from imported anthracite to domestic thermal coal: power unit No. 9 to be switched in October, and power unit No. 10 in December. This will enable Prydniprovska TPP to operate on Ukrainian coal only.

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