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DTEK TPPs boosted electricity production by 16.4% in August


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DTEK's thermal power plants generated 3.3 billion kWh in August, up by 16.4% versus July. The rise is down to higher load on the energy grid that was partly met by anthracite-fired TPPs.

Traditionally, August showed higher demand for electricity, boosting load on Ukraine's energy system. Given that nuclear power plants had scheduled repairs, the thermal power generation facilities were there to meet the peak demand. In particular, DTEK TPPs covered 32.2% of Ukraine's electricity needs last month.

In August, all our thermal power plants firing thermal coal were operated to supply 2,737 billion kWh, up by 5.1% versus July.

Usually, DTEK utilises thermal coal-fired power units first. However, the company had to connect anthracite-fired Prydniprovska and Kryvorizka TPPs to compensate for lower NPP capacities and support the national energy grid. Thus, anthracite-fired TPPs generated 564 million kWh, 2.5 times more than in July 2017.

"August was fairly hot for all DTEK TPPs. First, all thermal coal-fired power units supplied electricity to the national energy grid. Second, we had to connect thermal power plants operating on scarce anthracite to cover fully the nation's needs in electricity," DTEK Energy's Electricity Generation Director Sergey Kurilenko explained. "Consumers experienced no electricity supply interruptions, and this is our core mission. Today, we are working consistently to get ready for the winter: we are building up coal stocks, conducting scheduled repairs across all our TPPs and implementing a project to convert two power units at Prydniprovska TPP to thermal coal,” he added.

We remind that DTEK launched a three-step programme in September 2017 to reduce the share of imported coal. Step 1: our units will start using thermal coal instead of anthracite. Step 2: TPPs will fire coal extracted in Ukraine. Step 3: we will modernise the existing thermal power generation facilities to maintain their efficient and uninterrupted operations.

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