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"Корум Світло шахтаря" випустив перший очисний комбайн нового технічного рівня CLS450, що призначений для тонких та середніх пластів зі змінною гіпсометрією пласта від 1 до 2,4 м. Після проведених випробувань комбайн доставлять на шахту «Алмазна» ДТЕК Добропіллявугілля.


Corum Group

Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria has manufactured a new upgraded coal shearer, CLS450, to cut coal from thin and medium coal beds with a varying thickness of 1 to 2.4 metres. After the tests are completed, the facility will be shipped to Almazna Mine of DTEK Dobropilliavuhillia.  

It is the company's first shearer with the loading unit based on the built-in variable-frequency drive.

This new model with better power-to-weight ratio and longer service life will replace the outdated shearers. 

The facility's control and diagnostics system helps mine operators and off-site users see current load of electric motors, movement speed, and motor temperature. In addition, it records and visualises shearer faults and controls cutting motor performance.

Its transmission is designed to endure system-controlled overloads and can handle a mine section without any capital overhaul of the shearer.

In this segment, our key competitors in Ukraine and the Customs Union are Polish, Czech and German producers. However, our products are more effective from the TCO perspective. 

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