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Rinat Akhmetov speaks at the meeting of Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk with public and business leaders of Donetsk Oblast


Логотип СКМ

Ринат АхметовThe situation in our region is very difficult today.

What do people want? People want the voice of Donbass to be heard. People want Donbass to be respected. People want to have good job and good pay. In short, people want a better life.

A question arises – what to do?
The only right way is the way of negotiations.
I am against takeovers of buildings.
I am against takeovers of weapons.
I am strongly against violence.
I am strongly against bloodshed.

I truly believe that we need to sit down at the negotiating table and reach agreement.

And people, Donbass, Ukraine must win from such negotiations.

I met the demonstrators and said:
“If you rally for the right to speak Russian – I am with you.
If you rally for decentralization of government so that the powers move from Kiev to local regions – I am with you.
If you rally for Donbass to be respected and prosperous, for the life of the people of Donbass to be better – I will always be with you.
But for me, Donbass is Ukraine.”
And here I asked and called on them to support me.

I want to say that Donetsk, Donbass and Ukraine are in my heart forever.

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