Key financials

One of key priorities of SCM’s development strategy includes the increase in the transparency of the Group's business. Acting within this strategy, System Capital Management has been publishing for several years its consolidated statements containing key financial performance indicators.

Consolidated statements are prepared in conformity with International Financial Reporting Standards and include financial statement data of all assets under the SCM umbrella. This includes all assets and enterprises controlled directly or indirectly by SCM, the managing company. Such control includes the ownership or management of a controlling stake of an asset, or holding a majority in the management bodies of such assets.

PricewaterhouseCoopers audits the consolidated statements of the Group.

Data from consolidated statements for the previous year are given below.

Key consolidated financial indicators, $bn 2016
Gross revenues 11.385
Pre-tax profit 0.191
Current rofit tax  0.203
Last updated: 23.06.2017