Yuriy Kurmaz, Chief Executive Officer of Ukrtelecom JSC

I firmly believe that Ukrtelecom is currently at the most crucial stage of its development – business transformation stage. This will enable us to significantly improve the company’s operational efficiency. Our goal is to become a modern, client-oriented, high-tech and innovative telecommunication operator and a leader in the domestic telecommunications and IT market. We have everything to do this: a strong and professional management team, a clear long-term strategy of the company’s development, an efficient business processes and technological infrastructure modernisation programme. And the most important is that we have professional and loyal staff as well as our users who deserve new service standards and modern telecommunications services. 

Ukrtelecom is the largest fixed line operator in Ukraine, thea leading provider of the Internet connection. Ukrtelecom provides a full range of modern services throughout Ukraine. It is a sole founder and participant of TriMob, a 3G/UMTS mobile operator.

In 2015 Ukrtelecom commenced a large scale strategic programme of modernisation of its telecom network with support from Huawei and China Development Bank.

This will allow Ukrtelecom to provide its clietns with a faster access to the Internet wia the existing ADSL technology - up to 20 Mbit/s or the access at 50 Mbit/s via VDSL and up to 1 Gbit/s via FTTH/GPON. The modernisation will cover the territory with 3.3 million families - almost a quarter of all households of the country and 1.7 million subscribers. The modernisation in the cities will cover up to 30% of the subscribers base, but the new operational model will have a positive affect upon the whole network.

Today Ukrtelecom has partcularly strong position on the internet access and fixed line markets. The company operates a large core and access network with strong reliability and high reserve capacity that makes the foundation of the national telecom infrastructure and allows to provide traditional and innovative services in all parts of Ukraine.

The company offers its clients a comprehensive range of telecom services:

On 4 October 2013, Ukrtelecom joined SCM Group.
Last updated: 12.10.2016