Murat Cinar, CEO of Vega telecommunication group

“The key goal of our telecommunications group is to provide high-quality communications services to Ukrainians. Today the company is going through an important stage of deep transformation to improve business efficiency and profitability. On the one hand, we are developing our business through organic growth and M&A of telecom providers. On the other hand, the operator is focused on developing interesting offers to increase the value of Vega services for the clients as well as on interacting with the users and creating long-term mutually beneficial relations with the subscribers.”

Vega Telecommunications Group is one of the largest providers of fixed-line communications in the Ukrainian market. The operator belongs to the telecommunication business area of SCM Group. Vega is the leader in the Ukrainian market of fixed-line communication services, broadband Internet access and data transmission.

Vega emerged in Ukraine's telecom market on 15 October 2008 following  the rebranding of Farlep Optima Group, which consisted of the largest telecommunication groups in Ukraine - Farlep and Optima Telecom - and such businesses as Ucomline, CSS, IP Telecom, Matrix, Vilcom and many others.

Vega has the full range of licenses to provide local, trunk and international calls through fixed lines across Ukraine. The Group is also entitled to lease communication channels.

Competitive advantages of Vega Group:

Farlep Invest provides operational management of Vega Telecommunications Group.

Last updated: 05.06.2015