Donbass Arena

Donbass Arena is the first stadium in Eastern Europe designed and built to the UEFA elite-class standards. Total cost of the project including the surrounding park landscaping is $400 million. The Donbass Arena Opening Ceremony took place on 29 August 2009.

Donbass Arena is the home stadium of FC Shakhtar and a sports and cultural centre in Donetsk. It will host group stage matches, a quarter-final and a semi-final of the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. In addition to football matches, the stadium organizes concerts and gala shows. The technical facilities and acoustic system of the stadium meet the highest international standards.

Donbass Arena is one of Ukraine’s most awarded cultural and public venues. In 2009 Donbass Arena was acknowledged as the "Sporting Venue of the Future" due to the Smart Stadium concept based on the Cisco solutions. The year 2010 brought the following awards: Best Construction 2009 according to the Design and Construction Club of Donetsk, Best International Mobotix Project 2009 and Best Building in Ukraine 2009. Donbass Arena Grand Opening has won the Event of the Year nomination of the Stadium Business Awards 2010.

Last updated: 11.07.2014