Petroleum products retail

Khristo Ivanchev, Parallel CEO

My mission as the CEO is to maintain and build on the achievements of Parallel in all areas. The effective integration of our expertise and practices with new ideas and approaches will help us continue our stable growth.

SCM Group's oil products retail business is represented by Parallel.   

Parallel-M Ltd is a regional oil products operator of a chain thatconsists of 43 filling stations. Today Parallel brand is represented in Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk oblasts as well as in the government-controlled areas in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts.

Parallel-M Ltd sells motor fuel through these filling station networks, while the chain of 42 mini-markets under own TM ZZZIP!! sells related products and food. The company provides car wash services (4 car washes under TM ZZZIP!!) and also is developing fuel wholesale business. Today Parallel has over 3,000 corporate clients. The company uses oil terminals in Slavyansk of Donetsk Oblast and in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast and owns a park of modern petrol and gas trucks.

Parallel pursues the goal of becoming a strong national network of modern filling stations offering a full gamut of quality services for motorists. To attain it, the company continually expands its filling stations chain and cements positions of its brands in the domestic market. The company is also focused on entering the national fuel wholesalers Top3. 

Last updated: 22.08.2017