Investment Business

Andrey Gorokhov, UMG CEO

«UMG is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop traditional business areas and launch new promising projects.  

Our balanced strategy and professional team enable our company to provide our partners in 30 different countries with high-quality and eco-friendly raw materials. 

In the upcoming five years, our company intends to not only enhance the efficiency of existing businesses, but also launch at least five new ones. We are confident that the smooth performance of the company as a whole will help us to carry through our ambitions plans to the end.» 

UMG INVESTMENTS is a Ukraine-based investment firm focused on the commodity sector. It was founded in 2006 by System Capital Management (SCM) as a commodity holding company. In 2016, it was transformed into an investment company with a focus in extracting, recycling, and trading in commodities.

The company manages a portfolio of companies, which fall into the three main business areas:

UMG INVESTMENTS is also actively pursuing new greenfield and M&A opportunities. The company combines international best practices with local expertise and relationships to capitalize on investment opportunities in Ukraine.

The company’s investment strategy is set to maximize returns on equity invested through the origination, acquisition, active management and sales of commodity-related Ukrainian assets.  Investment company employs a hands-on investment approach and is actively involved in the operational management of its portfolio businesses. UMG INVESTMENTS’ extensive commercial and production expertise provides much needed support to the portfolio companies



Last updated: 14.02.2018