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FUIB presents the annual report for 2016



First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) presents the annual report on the results of the bank's work in 2016.

From the report you will learn not only about the activities of FUIB, but also about what was happening in the economy and the banking system in the last few years.  

"We abandoned the format that is traditional for banks annual results and used a creative approach to the preparation of the annual report. In addition to information on the bank's activities, we also analyzed the main figures and trends in the economy and the banking system of Ukraine. We also asked the leading experts of Ukraine to share their views on what is happening in finance, the media, business and technology in Ukraine and in the world. Our goal was to analyze the main facts and gather different opinions, allowing everyone to draw the conclusions on their own,"  noted Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's Chairman of the Board. 

The report is written in a simple and comprehensible language. Key indicators are presented in the form of a convenient and beautiful infographic.

The online version of the report can be found under the link

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