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Avdiivka Coke relaunches its second production area


Avdiivka Coke (AKHZ) of Metinvest Group has launched the second production area after three weeks of downtime. Four structural units have resumed operations, enabling 100% engagement of the plant's entire 4,000-strong workforce.

Since late January 2017, Avdiivka Coke has been firing natural gas to generate electricity using internal needs as it faced power supply shortages because of hostilities. Two of four coking shops were mothballed though kept lit. Chemicals shops were shut down as well, making some employees idle though they received salaries.

Before May 2017, the town used electricity from the occupied areas. A line supplying electricity to Avdiivka was crossing the hostilities area and thus often damaged, cutting off power to the town and plant. It was impossible to undertake repairs because there was no ceasefire. It was decided to build a new power transmission line in the Ukrainian territory. During several months, DTEK's specialists and Avdiivka Coke's power engineers have been building a power supply line, so vital for the town, neighbouring villages and the region's backbone enterprise. All works were completed ahead of schedule, and the plant was connected to the new line in early May.

The power supply restoration has helped relaunch coking shops No.3 and No.4, desulfurisation plant No.2 and by-product recovery plant No.2, boosting daily gross coke output from 5,500 tonnes to 7,500 tonnes. Avdiivka Coke plans to continue production growth.

AKHZ General Director Musa Magomedov:

"The long shutdown of batteries was challenging for the coke oven lining. Only commitment and professionalism of our employees have helped us preserve our major production facilities and relaunch all shops. Today we are able to boost coke production."

We remind that Avdiivka Coke and the local civil military administration have signed a social partnership agreement for 2017. This year, AKHZ is going to allocate UAH 11.9 million to fund social programmes. Over six year of cooperation, Metinvest has invested UAH 53.1 million in Avdiivka development. The money has been committed to repair schools and kindergartens, develop local infrastructure, create an environment encouraging the active lifestyle among citizens, support healthcare institutions and protect disadvantaged people.

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