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Media Group Ukraine presents a package of TV channels for international audiences


Медиа-группа Украина - лого

Media Group Ukraine has presented a package of Ukrainian channels Ukraine 1, Ukraine 2, NLO TV 1 and NLO TV 2 with international broadcast rights. This HD package will soon be available 24/7 worldwide for satellite, digital, analogue, OTT and all other operators. 

"The international channels of Media Group Ukraine have been developed to meet international broadcasters’ demand for Ukrainian content. We have received many offers to air our channels in different countries. This prompted us to develop a comprehensive solution, a family TV package. This product is primarily intended for Ukrainian diaspora, but we have just started our big journey. We are set to analyse the market and demand and likely to adapt the product for other audiences as well. We will offer subtitles in English and other languages in a near term. Our access to international markets is a business decision first and foremost: Ukrainian content has an opportunity to generate income abroad and we should seize it," said Aleksey Kurakin, Director of Business Development at Media Group Ukraine.

Ukraine 1 and Ukraine 2 offer 800 hours a year in total. With the high thematic differentiation, the channels meet a wide range of viewers' interests. 

Ukraine 1 broadcasts the best Ukrainian series, feature films, documentaries, social and news programmes: Singer, Clan of Jewellers, On the Line of Life, Lialia series, Real Mysticism, Agents of Justice scripted reality shows, etc. Ukraine 2 offers programmes and shows: Ukraine is speaking, Starway, The People's Star, Speaking openly with Masha Yefrosinina, and others.

"Ukraine TV channel has already had a success with its content abroad: different countries both in Europe and Asia have bought nearly all our own series. Thus, we have decided to move to the next stage: make a package of channels with international media rights. With our diverse genres, we hope to attract a wide range of audiences. Our viewers will have access to both library products and premiers. In the future, we plan to include news programmes and live broadcasts," stated Viktoria Korogod, Director of Ukraine TV Channel.

NLO TV 1 and NLO TV 2 channels produce at least 400 hours of content annually. NLO TV 1 offers the best comedy series and entertainment programmes (How the Style was Tempered, Supercops, Syshyshshow sitcom, etc.). NLO TV 2 offers programmes and shows like Chistoplyui, Razdolbai, Euro CHECK IN and other. 

"Over five years of the channel's existence, we have collected a big library that can be interesting for the young audience. This resource is a good add-on to our two leading channels. NLO TV has just started increasing in-house production. We are going to produce about 90 hours of TV movies or series in 2017 and at least 100 hours next year. Overall, we expect to make at least 200 hours annually. This means that our international channels will often broadcast premiers," says Ivan Bukreyev, Director of NLO TV.

Media Group Ukraine is currently in talks with a number of international providers. The company will soon announce the date when it starts broadcasting in certain areas.

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