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FUIB launches a new retail sales channel - sites where it is possible to take out cash loans throughout Ukraine



FUIB launches a new sales channel - its own sites where it is possible to take out cash loans and receive other bank products. Here, clients will be able to take out a non-purpose cash loan, get a credit card, as well as a debit card, or a special-purpose loan for goods.

In the coming months, the bank plans to open such sites in small towns with a population of 5,000+ people. New towns of presence include urban-type settlements, district centers in all regions of Ukraine. For example, now FUIB will appear in Oleshky and Kryzhopil, Kolomyya and Zhmerynka, in Bolhrad and Novi Sanzhary.

FUIB sites will be located in small non-network stores that sell furniture, windows and doors, household appliances, in city department stores, etc. In every such branded site, a FUIB employee works, and the necessary office equipment is installed. Lending sites are not equipped with a cash desk and do not perform cash transactions.

In March-April, the bank opened new FUIB sites in 275 towns, and continues to expand the network. In order to develop the new area, the bank has already hired about 700 employees in February-April 2017, and continues to increase the team.

"Such a sales channel is not a new experience for FUIB. Such a network of cash lending sites was successfully working at Renaissance Credit Bank before our merger within the framework of the FUIB banking group. In 2017, FUIB increases its share in the mass segment and increases the volume of consumer lending. We see a demand for cash loans and other mass products in small towns. The supply of banking products has declined there in the past 1-2 years. We intend to fill this niche," commented Serhiy Chernenko, FUIB's chairman of the Board.

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