Heavy engineering

Yakov Sidlyarenko, CEO of Corum Group

“Our company has passed a long way from scattered companies producing ore and mining equipment to the holding capable of implementing large turn-key infrastructure projects in the global market. Our current strategic goals are to maintain leadership in Ukraine and develop relations with the key clients in the international target markets.”

Corum Group (formerly known as Mining Machines) is an expert in mining business. The company focuses on hi-tech integrated solutions, production and maintenance of equipment used in mining, processing and transportation of mineral resources, as well as construction of mines. 

Governed by the modern global business models, Corum Group offers its clients the efficient and safe integrated solutions from the development of technologies to production and servicing of equipment:   

Corum Group includes: 

as well as trading companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Poland; assembling and repair facilities in Ukraine and Russia.  

Corum Group massively upgrades production plants, expands the range of test facilities for mining equipment, and invests in developing own engineering capacities.

The Divisions of Corum Group produce coal-cutting, heading, stationary and electrical equipment, mine transport, machinery for open-pit mining, including bucket wheel excavators, apron feeders, conveyors, loaders, spreaders, stackers, etc.

Corum's new area of business is mine shaft construction. In 2012 the company commenced construction of two shafts for the coal mine Nui Beo which is a part of the largest Vietnamise coal production corporation - Vinacomin. In 2013 the companies signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Corum Group improves the quality of its services and contributes to competitiveness of its clients. The company continuously improves technical performance of its equipment. Quality is the philosophy of COrum Group underlying the success of its business.

This equipment is used for mining coal, iron and nickel ore, potassium salts, zinc, rough diamonds and other solid minerals.

Corum Group successfully operates in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Vietnam, China and India. The company supplies its products to Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and other countries.

Corum's regular clients include over 30 major mining holdings with more than 400 mines and open pits, enrichment plants, steel and heavy engineering companies.

Last updated: 23.06.2015