Maxim Timchenko, DTEK CEO

Maxim Timchenko,Chief Executive Officer, DTEK

"We believe that our business will soon be an equal competitor to the leading European power companies, and its strong development will guarantee the energy security of our country. Our confidence comes not from simple ambitions, but from calculations and a deep analysis of realities and outlooks of the fuel and energy industry in Ukraine, neighbouring nations and other countries".

DTEK is a strategic holding company that manages three operational sub-holding companies with the assets in the coal mining, thermal power energy generation and distribution sector, alternative energy and gas production.  It is a part of the financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM). The shareholder of the group is Rinat Akhmetov. DTEK's Chief Executive Officer is Maxim Timchenko. Currently, the company employs 118,000 people.

The asset portfolio in coal mining and thermal power energy generation and distribution sector is represented by 10 thermal power plants and 2 combined heat and power plants with 18.6 GW of total installed capacity; 5 electricity distribution and sales enterprises, which provide services to 4.5 million customers — both individuals and businesses; 31 coal mines and 13 coal preparation plants. In the alternative energy segment,  it operates one 200 MW wind farm. Gas is produced at two fields with proven natural gas reserves of 20 billion cubic metres.

In 2015, DTEK supplied 38.3 TWh, of which 634 million kWh were produced by the wind farm. The company distributed 45.1 TWh, extracted 28.7 million tonnes of coal and 1.3 bln cubic metres of natural gas.

Today DTEK is Ukraine’s leading fuel and energy company. DTEK's financial performance in 2015:

  • Revenues - UAH 95.375bn 
  • EBITDA — UAH 7.508bn
Longwall operations at Komsomolets Donbassa mine

Coal mining at Dolzhanskaya-Kapitalnaya, Sverdlovskoye Coal Company


DTEK comprises 13 collieries (operating 31 mines):

  • Pershotravenskoye colliery
  • Pavlogradskoye colliery
  • Dneprovskoye colliery
  • Ternovskoye colliery
  • Geroyev Kosmosa colliery
  • Belozerskoye colliery
  • Dobropolskoye colliery
  • Komsomolets Donbassa colliery
  • Rovenkovskoye colliery
  • Chervonopartizanskoye colliery
  • Sverdlovskoye colliery
  • Yasenovskoye colliery
  • Obukhovskoye colliery

Seven preparation plants compose DTEK's coal preparation division:

  • Pavlogradskaya CPP
  • Mospinskoye CPP
  • Kurakhovskaya CPP
  • Komendantskaya CPP
  • Dobropolskaya CPP
  • Oktyabrskaya CPP
  • Sverdlovskaya CPP
The company produces thermal and coking coal upgraded at the coal preparation plants. DTEK has an extensive product line consisting of coal concentrates for electricity generation, coking coal for industrial use and fuel for household needs.


The company's coal production and preparation business, compared to its peers, has higher operational efficiency, higher labor productivity, and lower cost of production and preparation.

In 2012 DTEK:

  • mined 41.4 m tons of coal;
  • prepared 29.3 m tons of ROM coal.
A thermal power plant of Vostokenergo

DTEK Zuevskaya thermal power plant

DTEK is one of Ukraine's power generation market leaders and operates the following generation companies:

  • DTEK Vostokenergo
  • DTEK Zapadenergo
  • DTEK Dneproenergo
  • DTEK Kievenergo

All generated electricity is supplied to the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine. The total installed capacity of DTEK Vostokenergo, DTEK Dneproenergo, Kievenergo and DTEKZapadenergo is 18.2 GW.

DTEK's coal mining companies completely satisfy the needs of the company's power generation business.


DTEK Vostokenergo operates under DTEK's umbrella. The company plays an important role in Ukrainian energy market because of its low cost of electricity production. DTEK Vostokenergo operates three thermal power plants in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts with a total installed capacity of 4,157 MW.

DTEK Dneproenergo is 72.9% owned by DTEK. It is a leading producer of electricity and heat in Ukraine. The company operates three thermal power plants in Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk oblasts with a total installed capacity of 8,185 MW.

DTEK Zapadenergo is 70.91% owned by DTEK and its affiliates. Electricity generated by DTEK Zapadenergo is supplied to Ukrainian consumers and exported to Europe. The company's Burshtynskaya TPP successfully operates in ENTSO-E, European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, satisfying domestic consumption needs and exporting 550 MW of electricity. DTEK Zapadenergo operates three thermal power plants in Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk and Vinnitsa oblasts with a total installed capacity of 4,707.5 MW.

Kievenergo is 72.39% owned by DTEK. The company provides a full range of power supply services in Kiev, including generation, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity and heat to end consumers. Electricity is generated by two Kievenergo combined heat and power plants with a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW.

Electric power line operated by Service-Invest

Electric power line operated by DTEK Donetskoblenergo

DTEK’s electricity distribution division consists of:

  • Service-Invest
  • DTEK PES-Energougol
  • DTEK Dneproblenergo
  • DTEK Donetskoblenergo
  • DTEK Kyivenergo
  • Kievenergo


Networks of Service-Invest, DTEK PES-Energougol, DTEK Dneprooblenergo and DTEK Donetskoblenergo are located in Ukrainian industrial strongholds: Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk oblasts. Kievenergo provides a full array of power supply services in Kiev. The total length of DTEK's electricity sales and supply grid is 158,700 km, while a total transformer capacity is over 37,500 MVA. 

Service-Invest, DTEK PES-Energougol, DTEK Dneprooblenergo, DTEK Donetskoblenergo, DTEK Krymenergo and Kievenergo purchase electricity in the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine (WEM) and supply it to the end consumers: steel, coal, heavy engineering plants and households.

Apart from electricity supplies, DTEK's power sales and supply businesses test power generating equipment, design engineering networks, install, maintain and repair electrical facilities, and carry out construction and commissioning works. 

The company's electricity transmission and supply division rolls out investment projects to boost production efficiency, connect new customers and cut losses.

Wind turbine of Botievska wind farm

Wind turbine of Botievska wind farm


DTEK's strategy seeks to develop green energy as a standalone and promising business line that helps to diversify portfolio and increase the market share thanks to high growth rates of new energy types. Today the company focuses its efforts on wind industry.

DTEK's operations in wind energy sector are managed by Wind Power subsidiary.

Wind Power's portfolio includes two wind parks in Zaporozhye and Donetsk oblasts with a total nominal capacity of 1,200 MW, an unprecedented project both for DTEK and Ukrainian energy sector as a whole.

DTEK Priazovskiy, a wind park in Zaporozhye Oblast, incudes:

  • Botievo wind farm, a 200 MW pilot project launched in July 2011. The first phase of 90MW was put into operation in late 2012; the 105 MW second phase consisting of 35 turbines will be launched before mid-2014.
  • Berdyansk (150 MW) and Primorsk (200 MW) wind farms, which are currently building power collection facilities.

DTEK Mangush in Donetsk Oblast is now at the development stage, which includes wind monitoring.

DTEK Annual Report 2015 (in Russian)

DTEK Annual Report 2015 (in Russian)
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