How We Work. Principles and values of SCM Group

Honesty and integrity are our main values. They are the foundation of our relations with each other and partners as well as the cornerstones of our reputation which is the key to the effective development and growth of SCM.

We have put our standards and principles in writing and now have a small but very important document, HOW WE WORK. Here we have set out how we manage our business, how we behave in straightforward or challenging situations and what we think is right or unacceptable.

These Principles fully match our mission, vision and values. We realise that our development in the future depends on how well we understand and follow the values:

The Principles and Values of SCM Group will be taken as a basis by our businesses to develop their detailed standards and norms of corporate ethics.

All employees of our businesses should follow these Principles and the codes of ethics and business conduct of their companies.

We encourage our contractors and individuals or entities authorised to represent SCM Group with third parties to adapt their codes of ethics to be fully in line with our Principles.

We encourage all our contractors to read our Principles to know what to expect from our employees.

How We Work. Principles and values of SCM Group

How We Work. Principles and values of SCM Group